Check your backup

When was the last time you checked your backups?

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It'll be fine.. right? Right!??

It's terrible when you lose a file you worked so hard on for the last few days. It's even harder to realize that you didn't make any backups, or even worse: you did make backups, but they turn out to be incomplete / too old, or even corrupt.

For only 10 euro (around $11USD) per year, we will send you an email with a random disastrous scenario each month at a random date and time. Your task is to figure out how you would respond and answer the 3-5 questions in the email to give yourself an idea of your preparedness and what to do in such situation.

After each scenario, you will have an idea about the state of your preparedness, the things you need to fix, and you will have a plan on what to do if the given situation happens to you for real. We will also give you tip and tricks on how to deal with the given scenario, so if you aren't prepared (enough), you can be.

Check here for an example

Our scenarios are primarily based around your computer, mobile and online presence, but we also include some real-life scenario's: what do you do when you have lost the keys to your house, or what do you do when you are at an airport, and your internet connection is not working (do you have backups of your boarding pass?).

(10 euro excl tax per year, you will be notified prior to renewal)

This project is created by Joshua Thijssen, after loosing his house keys and waiting in the rain for his wife to come home to let him in. During this time, there was room for reflection about what else could go disastrously wrong, both in real life and online, and how the next time he would be one step ahead of it.

For more information, contact us at support@checkyourbackup.io